Meaning: 1. Lie or To lie 2. Parallel program at the public university 3. Double life (usually of a thief or mugger or gangster)

Origin: Unknown


Use: 1. Simo ana ni para = Simon is lying to me 2. Oskero ako para main = Oscar is a parallel program student at the Nairobi University 3. Mwas ana skuma works bankiko lakini yuko para = Mwangi works as a banker but he is also a gangster

Period: Unknown

Synonyms: Unknown

Pronounciation: (Noun) [ Pa-ra ]

Relate: Thegi Dingo Uni Campo Box

Variations: -,

History: 1. Contracted form of the word "Pararira" 2. From English word Parallel but borrowed from the public university PARALLEL PROGRAM. This program was started by the government to allow more students access to public university by starting evening classes as a result of space constraints during the day (Kenya's public universities admit a total of 15,000 students against a need of 300,000 or so). 3. From English word Parallel

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