Meaning: 1. Hard-on/erection 2. Twenty shillings.

Origin: Unknown


Use: 1. Karao ali ona ule konkodi mbao noma! = The cop slapped that conductor so hard!. 2. Huyo dame alifanya ni mbao. = That girl made me get an erection. 2. Nione mbao = Please give me twenty shillings

Period: Early 90's, Late 80's

Synonyms: Stedi

Pronounciation: (Verb) [ Mbaa-ooh ]

Relate: Fight, Disagreement, Violence, Sex, Money, Currency, Counting, Blue, Pao

Variations: -

History: From Swahili mbao which means wood and used to connote hardness hence the use of this word to describe a hard slap. Derived from the Swahili word "mbao" which means "wood" hence the use of the word to depict the hardness of an erection. Derived from the Kikuyu version of the English word "Pound". This word morphed from "kifao" which is also the same Kikuyu word used for "wood"

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