Meaning: Only (as in a count... usually of money)

Origin: Unknown


Use: Walikuwa mtu mbili kavu = They were only two people

Period: Unknown

Synonyms: Loso

Pronounciation: (Adverb) [ kaa-vuu ]

Relate: Counting

Variations: -,

History: Derived from Swahili word "Kavu" that means "dry", Meaning : ThousandWord use : Hiyo rodhi ni kavu mbili = That pair of trousers is 2,000 Word period: Late 2000Word related to: MoneyWord synonyms: Tenga, Thao, , Word Origin : Gikosh Histo ya word. Possibly a play of the Sheng word "Kavu" which also means "only" hence used as usually refered to in money terms "one thousand ONLY"

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