Meaning: A game of soccer where the aim is to try pass the ball between another players legs

Origin: Unknown, Meaning : The Act of a (soccer) ball passing between a players legsWord use : Mwesh anapenda kutinga gola na chobo = Mwema likes scoring by passing the ball between the legs of the goalkeeperWord period: Mid 70'sWord related to: Dimba, Chenga, Kanzu, Dude, Handi, Skuru, Pena,


Use: Tuende tukacheze chobo = Let's go play soccer and try pass the ball between your legs

Period: Early 80's

Synonyms: Unknown

Pronounciation: (Noun) [ choo-booh ]

Relate: Ball Dimba Foota One Touch Kanzu

Variations: -

History: -, , Word Origin : Unknown Histo ya word. Unknown

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